Located in Manly, Sydney, NSW, we are a specialist freedive education outfit & that's widely considered the most knowledgeable on the planet. Founded by pioneer freediver, dive researcher, & former multiple WR-holder, Sebastien Murat, we offer our students, young & old, beginners & experts alike, the most cutting-edge freediving tool-kit available, one modeled on diving animals, one that enhances safety, performance & comfort, and well beyond the norm. Our clients have included WR-holders, dive instructors, the military, big-wave surfers, big-blue spear-fishers, & film production companies, e.g.,  Discovery ChannelABC, Survivor (US),  Underwater TV (Ger.).

Freediving Courses in Sydney Nsw

NOTE: Due to travel to Europe between June-Nov. no course are available in Australia till Nov.